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Our Commitment to Quality Luxury Meets Performance 1600 Thread Count Divine Dreams Collection 1800 Thread Count Epic Elegance Collection

Luxury Meets Performance

Performance and luxury best describes the benefits of Dreamweave sheets. The very fineness of the fibers gives them unique and desirable properties. The many fine fibers packed together create:

  • Amazingly soft fabric with depth, body and luxurious drape
  • Incredible resiliency and resistance to wrinkles and shrinking
  • Durable fabric, renowned for it's longevity and resistance to pilling
  • Porous yarns provide breathability and wick moisture away from the body
  • Transfers body heat for a cooler more comfortable sleep
  • Micro-fine fiber surface area allows deeper, richer colors that won't fade
  • Dense, fine weave, is almost impenetrable to allergens and dust mites.

Quality Defines Our NEW Lines

Our 1600 Divine Dreams Collection and 1800 Epic Elegance Collection sheet sets are made with highest quality brushed microfiber. The 1600 fabric measures 90 GSM* (grams per square meter) and the 1800 fabric measures 100 GSM. In comparison, many microfiber sheet fabrics measure only 55-75 GSM. This superior weight and quality gives our products years of durability and increased performance over their lifetime. The fabric is brushed for increased softness and comfort against your skin. All of our sheets are constructed with superior stitching and high quality elastic on our fitted sheets.

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Did you know? *The standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics is grams per square meter, usually abbreviated as GSM. This is the accepted standard in the United States as well as in foreign countries.

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